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40 Before 40

July 30, 2013

As some of your know (ok, probably the 6 people who read this blog do know), I recently turned 30.  Really not as traumatic as everyone makes it sound.  In fact, I was pretty jazzed about a whole new decade.  My 20’s were fine, but got progressively better.  So why wouldn’t 30’s just be awesome?  But I digress….

The best part of my birthday by far was having my mom fly in AND my HLM came all the way from London.  Now, if you’re going to be a regular reader of this blog, you need to know that HLM stands for Hetero Life Mate.  Boom.  I have one.  You likely do too if you’re lucky.  Mine is a supporter of my shenanigans and partner in crime for all things food wine and travel.  Well, she and her husband pretty much travel the world and she showed me her 30 before 30 list.  Which is 30 things to do and see before she turns 30.  (You can follow her adventures here  Genius!  Clearly, I needed to get me one of these.  I love lists (not quite as much as I love lamp), but a lot.  And so, behold!

  1. Swim with a whale shark.  Ok, so there really is no order to the list, but this is number one for a reason.  I. Must. Have. WHALE SHARK!  My husband apparently doesn’t love me enough to buy me one, but I can at least get up close and personal.
  2. Stand up paddle boarding.  More specifically, I have now found one locally that does a LED board night one.  This should be happening this summer.
  3. Get my scuba certification.
  4. Visit the Galapagos Islands (Penguins, need I say more?)
  5. Boat down the Amazon.  Maybe not the whole thing, but I need to get on that bad boy.  (Maybe see one of those goliath bird eating tarantulas?)
  6. Feed reef sharks, probably in the Caribbean.  (You sensing a theme at all….um, did you read my first blog)  Shark obsessed.  I warned you.
  7. Take an Asian cooking class.  I love cooking, but my ability with Asian dishes and ingredients is just sad.
  8. Skydiving.  I had hoped this would be for my 30th.  But soon (insert evil hands rubbing together) soon.
  9. Go on a cruise.  I don’t care where.  Cruise ship, lots of umbrella drinks.  Those are the only requirements.
  10. Learn a language.  Probably Spanish.  Don’t quit using it this time.
  11. Plant a garden.  And preferably don’t kill it.  I can kill almost all green things, but I have a goal to feed myself from my own garden one year.
  12. Parasailing
  13. Epic vacation with the madre.  We have talked about Costa  Rica, Greece, and others.  Needs to happen.
  14. Eat Pho in Vietnam.  This will hopefully fall under HLM adventures.
  15. Hot air balloon ride.  Sounds like a date night with the Higgins…
  16. Dance lessons.  We’re talking some Dancing with the Stars shit folks.  Bonus points for spray tan and ridiculous outfit.
  17. Expand my massage knowledge to include lymphatic drainage (sorry, should have warned you we were pausing for a boring work/nerd moment)
  18. Go to Comicon with Billy.  In full nerd costume.
  19. 10 year vow renewal somewhere pretty with just the two of us 🙂
  20. Harry Potter theme park in Florida with Laura. This should look increasingly interesting the closer I get to 40…
  21. See Machu Picchu.
  22. See a monkey in the wild. Have Billy record the inevitable giggling that will follow.
  23. Attain a fitness goal.  Not a size or weight, just something cool, like a sweet yoga move or a pull up.
  24. Eat at French Laundry.  I may have drooled just typing that.
  25. Hike in the Grand Canyon
  26. Go white water rafting.
  27. Make a killer lobster bisque.
  28. Read War and Peace.
  29. Adopt a puppy…obviously give it a super sweet Marvel name.
  30. Spend Christmas somewhere guaranteed to have snow.
  31. Get better at taking pictures…both frequency and quality.
  32. Ride a tandem bike with Billy…try not to kill ourselves.
  33. See one of the tennis grand slams in person.
  34. Write a book.
  35. Work for myself.
  36. Learn how to knit or crochet.
  37. Visit a winery during crush…and participate.
  38. Go to Railay Thailand
  39. Visit one of the 7 wonders of the world.
  40. Know that my life is being spent living to the fullest.  Be able to look back on the last 10 years with genuine accomplishment and pride.

So what about you?  What great things (or seemingly small but important things) do you want to do?  In the next year…10 years…life goals.  How will you make life exciting?


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  1. Love. We could have Spanish Skype dates…they might start off just drinking wine and sitting in silence but eventually maybe we could actually converse? And crush…hellooooo…I better be invited.

    • Ha! I can just see our skype dates “Hola” “Tacos” “Oooh, tacos. Are we making those now?” Spanish lesson over.

  2. Sharon permalink

    Most definitely Cost Rica….. Also a zip line. That is all for now. 🙂

  3. Also renew our vows on our 10 year! Which is in Dec….fingers crossed we can pull it off! I’m also with you on the dance lessons and to get the nerve to do an open comedy night and successfully get a crowd to crack up!

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