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Animals I Try and Make My Husband Buy Me

August 1, 2013

I’m sure you’re reading this post and thinking to yourself “aww, I bet she loves to save shelter dogs”.  You would be mildly right at best.  We actually don’t have any pets.  In fact, only just this spring did we get house plants.  We got three succulents (I LOVE saying that word) and only one is still alive.  Give it time I’m sure.

So what am I talking about?  I believe tonight’s animal requirements included: a Scottish highland cow

Scottish Highland

A whale shark.  If you’ve read anything else of mine, this should not be surprising.  In fact, very few days go by where I DON’T ask for one of these.  Apparently you can’t keep one in an apartment (or so Billy claims).  Who knew?

Whale Shark

And finally, a tarsier.


If you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favor

I wish I could say this was a weird day.  Honestly, today was a bit quiet for my random animal requests.  In my head it makes complete sense to have a full blown freaky little zoo.  To go along with this, and continue in my quest to make Billy think he was out of his mind when he married me, I must name them all.  EVERYTHING has a name.  Pretty sure this is actually a family affliction, as my sister suffers from the same compulsive nut job tendencies.  The calendar in our bedroom is a different turtle for every month….yeah, I named them all.  Mr. July was Aloysius.  Go ahead and google how to say this if you don’t know how.  It rolls off the tongue nicely.

Our honeymoon in Mexico included a little time at some Mayan ruins.  The place was SWARMING with iguanas.  All different sizes.  After squealing from excitement a bit, we had to get down to naming.  In case you weren’t aware, Guillermo is the perfect name for an iguana.  This happens everywhere we go.  Italy: the best name for all the pigeons was Egbert.  If by now you’re thinking “this bitch has lost her marbles”, well get in line.  However, I’m setting out to prove today that I’m probably not the only one like this.

Does anyone else out there also want a polar bear (another popular request of mine), or perhaps a sloth?  Better yet, do you feel the need to give them ridiculous names?  If so, let’s have tea and discuss.  ….Kidding.  Wine would be the best way to cover this topic.


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  1. Carly Hulse permalink

    Have to admit, I’m now a blogstalker because you CRACK me up; you are downright hilarious! And actually, you’re a girl after my own heart with this crazy animal stuff … and wine. I’m sort of wishing you hadn’t moved away because it seems that we have some stuff in common and I never got to know you beyond the sweaty handful I was at your house to have me arse handed to me (in a thick Irish accent). And, now that my hubby and I have some acreage, we could have harbored some of these animals for you and Billy would have been none the wiser. You see, it’s sometimes better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

    ps, I had an Iguana named – – well crud, I can’t actually remember his name – – and he used to hiss at me and whip me with his tail, mean little stink. If I still had him I’d probably call him Pissant.

    • Thanks Carly! Stalkers were kind of the goal of this blog 😉 Sounds like we would have gotten along great, stock piling animals is a life goal of mine.

  2. Well a penguin and a mini horse are definitely on my list…when we do our HLM trip to Antarctica we may have to pilfer a penguin after we frolic and drink beer with them. I don’t think we can name him until we have him though…gotta see his face and all…make sure the name truly suits his character 🙂

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