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Going Back to Cali

August 2, 2013

First thing’s first: are you now singing the Biggie or LL Cool J version of this song in your head?

I think it’s high time I update everyone on our new adventure.  Most of you probably know that Billy and I moved down to Orange County from Washington about four months ago.  So how’s it been so far?  If I had to sum it up: sunny, broke, lonely, exciting, and grown up.

Now that may not all sound like good stuff to you.  If you’ve ever done a move like this then you know that the excitement and adventure wears off quickly once you settle into real life again.  Visions of surfing all day (with my perfect 6 pack abs of course) and having sexy tan men bring me umbrella drinks were not the reality that greeted me.  Luckily, this was NOT my first rodeo.  Without getting into all the premoving plans, which were a wine binging headache in itself, I’ll fill you in on the ups and downs.

Upside: Driving down gave us a chance for a much needed visit to my mother in law’s place by Redding.

2012 Random 103

Even more better upside (more better is definitely the correct way to say it):  Stopping in Sonoma for wine tasting!!  Now by ‘stopping in’, Sonoma was a few hours out of the way.  But this is wine we’re talking about people.  When given the opportunity, you must pay homage to the wine gods.

2012 Random 122(The view didn’t suck 😉 )

Side note: If you’re ever staying in Sonoma, stay at El Pueblo Inn.  “They really do bring the pueblo to you.”  My husband should obviously be in marketing.

So now the car is freshly stocked with another 30 bottles of wine (making a total of over 70 in our car), so we feel we’re ready for our new home.  Everyone knows that moving sucks.  It does not get any better just because you’re going somewhere new and exciting.  In fact, moving out of state pretty much sucks the soul right out of you for about a week.  All you do is hemorrhage money for the first few weeks.  I will save you boredom of those weeks.  Suffice it to say we got our stuff in, our jobs started, and got on with living like poor college kids while we caught up.  Good thing we had all that wine….

For anyone who doesn’t know, my husband is a personal trainer down here….at one of the biggest and fanciest freaking gyms you can go to.  He spends his days in a sea of fake boobs, Ferraris, and a variety of real housewives of the OC.  Naturally, I fit right in.

Meanwhile, I am a massage therapist at a chiropractic office.  Which means I get to wear scrubs to work and fix people’s kinked necks….and elbow some old man asses.  It’s the little things that make life meaningful, isn’t it?

Both of our jobs require that we build clientele.  We knew this ahead of time and saved for accordingly.  It really does stretch that college phase out though…

Good news!  We live where many of the things we like to do are free.  Countless days at the pool, beach and farmer’s market have so far kept my sanity.  And three trips from my mom, one from my sister, and one from the HLM have helped even more.  Now two more friends have booked trips!  This is by far the best thing about living here.  People WANT to visit…and actually do.  No one came to Washington.  Ever.  I don’t know if it was the lack of enticing beaches and sunshine, or the abundance of hipsters, but they avoided it like the plague.

We are finally getting into a pretty good groove now, and jobs are looking up.  Which means my travel bug has started to rear it’s exotic little head again.  Beware Billy…

So question of the day is: Have you moved out of state?  What did you find made you want to punch a baby?  Any tips for making things smoother? And finally, any exciting travels of your own coming up that I can daydream over?


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  1. katy permalink

    Cool cheyanna! I look forward to reading more:)

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