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Sibling Rivalry

August 6, 2013

I’ve been reading a few funny posts lately on younger and older siblings (couple of my favorites below) and decided what the hell, I’ll turn this crap into a blog.  Because that’s how I do.

This is my own perspective and experience on siblings.  I’m the oldest.  Adina (Laura) is the baby.  We practically wrote the book on every oldest/youngest stereotype out there.  Probably helped along by the fact that we’re six years apart.  Now six years means that everything was probably exaggerated.  The list of traditional roles couldn’t have been any more perfect:

I was supposed to be responsible at all times.

Laura was destined to be in the next Broadway cast, or Saturday Night Live.

I had lots of chores.

If you even mentioned chores to Laura she would argue and throw a fit until she got out of it (and then it inevitably fell to me…thanks bitch).

We had comfortably fallen into our roles, and I figured this is how things would always be.  As is turns out, the internet LIED to me!  Oh, the humanity!  Things are in fact, not the same at some point.  Somewhere along the line, my baby sister has become an adult.  Granted, some things never change.  She still sits in the back seat of the car automatically if we drive somewhere with Mom.  😉

Also, we still have days like this

Summer 13 023 (Us at Disneyland only 2 short months ago)

As the older sibling, I had gotten used to being the first to do most everything.  Apparently Laura has decided “screw that noise” and has all the sudden done a 180 on her life.  And I’ve never been happier to be second.  Suddenly, she has moved to Hawaii, applied (and been accepted to!) medical college, lost some weight, and is finally truly taking charge of her life.  I thought that was my job?  Aren’t I supposed to be the one that takes huge risks by moving across country and going back to school and upending my life?  Well damn it, she’s doing it better.In some ways, this is cause for jealousy and comparisons.  It almost certainly will be compared by our parents.   I’ve found a comforting reality within all this jealousy however….and that is that I FINALLY feel more like we’re sisters.  It only took her moving to an island in the middle of the ocean for me to feel closer to my sister.

I’m pretty sure she’s going to get both teary and pissed at me for writing this blog, but I’m still the older sister and I will just tell her to shut up.  🙂  I felt like she was sort of adrift these last five or so years, and I wondered if she’d every leave Sequim to explore the bigger world and seek adventure.

One of the stereotypes that never goes away is wanting to protect your younger sibling.  It’s hard to do that when you’re far away and the ‘baby’ is 24.  Turns out that if their boss/boyfriend/friend is a jerk, you can’t just stomp in there and cut a bitch.  Who knew?  For the first time, I don’t feel like I need to anymore…..I guess she’s got this.  So congrats Adina, I can’t wait to see what you do next!


How has your relationship with your siblings changed now that you’re older?  Do you also still make them be your hair style guinea pigs after one too many holiday cocktails?


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  1. Alissa permalink

    Love it Cheyanna 🙂 I myself am an oldest child, with 8 years between my sister and I. Then there were 2 more sisters, dun dun…lol I have always been the responsible and cautious one. Would you mind me sharing this with others? 🙂

    • I would love if you shared this Alissa! Trying to get my blog out there. Ugh, 4 girls…pass lol

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