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Wino Wednesdays Are Here!

August 7, 2013

That’s right bitches.  Fill up those sippy cups and settle in for episode one of Wino Wednesdays.  The day where I discuss whatever the hell I want.  Because I’m a grown up.  You’re wondering, “How is this different from her normal grab bag of topics?”  Well, I’ve decided these posts will be dedicated to something I’m grateful for.  Calm down, I’m not getting all Thanksgiving and Buddha with it over here.  The way I see it, we should get the obvious one out of the way.  Wine.  There are few things to be more grateful for.  Below are some of the many reasons this stuff is the jam.

1.)  It makes you instantly feel better at everything you try and do (such as blogging)

Wine 1

2.) Got fired, dumped, or maybe mauled by a cougar?  Wine can fix that.

3.)  It makes you feel instantly sophisticated.  Even if you’re drinking it with no bra while eating cheetos and watching Honey Boo Boo.

Wine 2

4.) It helps everyday tasks feel less mundane.

Wine 3

5.) They’ve been saying for years now that wine is beneficial for it’s antioxidants.  I’m waiting for an over the counter wine facial to come out…

Wine 4

6.) Drinking wine helps put life’s priorities into perspective.

Wine 5

7.) I don’t know about you, but I’m ALWAYS sexier after a little wine.

This last one is important.  How many times have you been sitting around, feeling like a bucket of yuck?  A glass or six of wine will instantly make you feel like a Bond girl.  Why is that?  This happened to me the other night.  I was sitting around in my finest yoga pants, (the ones with the holes in the inner thigh) and my dirty hair piled on my head.  I decided a glass of wine would improve my night…genius epiphany right?  As I schlep it back into the bedroom to be with my laptop, I felt the sudden need to put on some saucy music.  Next thing you know I’m grooving around in my chair as if I’m some video vixen come to life.  All thanks to the brain washing qualities of wine.  For some reason Billy wasn’t jumping all over me though….weird.

Ladies…and the sexy wine drinking men that actually read through this estrogen swamp, what is your favorite effect of wine?  Better yet, what is your favorite wine, I’m always looking for new stuff!


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One Comment
  1. Billy permalink

    A sexy ass Malbec always does me in. As far as favorite effect… ??? It puts the ladies in the mood! (more specifically you) 🙂

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