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Tasty Tuesday – The Laminate List Part 1

August 20, 2013

I”m sitting here staring at the blank blog thinking “I’m out of crap to write about”.  HLM to the rescue.  She says, “Why don’t you write about your laminate list?  You could even include our sexy guy night!”  There was more to this conversation, but you get the idea.  And so, the laminate list.

It all started many moons ago…..My HLM’s husband actually came up with the idea for us ladies (there were 4 of us) to have a sort of bracket style elimination of many of our favorite men.  All with the idea of narrowing it down to your top 5, which would be your laminate list.  (If you haven’t seen that Friends episode, you’re failing at life).  And so we were each set with the task of coming up with 32 men.  That probably sounds easy, but I assure you, it’s hard!  I spent many hours combing the internet for hot men that I had perhaps forgotten about.  In the end, I think we all ended up with a few people that we just plain didn’t care about, but needed to round off our list.  In hindsight this was helpful, because narrowing down some of these men were like picking between your first and second born.

The rules were simple:

Cleve (HLM’s man friend) took our lists, and created the brackets of his choosing.  He did an amazing job of pairing up similar people, athlete with athlete, Brad Pitt with George Clooney…you get the idea, and put it all into a power point (more on that later)

There were four ladies.  If you chose a man, and the other three thought you were bat shit crazy because he was a bucket of yuck, well they could ban together and veto your decision.  Some hearts were broken during this.

At the end of it all you had 4 men…and you could bring one back from the dead as your wild card to make it a nice even 5.  Ta da, your laminate list.  But not so fast.  As a final curve ball, Cleve made us pick our alpha dog.  The cream of the crop.  Tears were shed here.

Naturally, this kind of thing can’t be accomplished without the correct provisions.  We provided the following: cheeses, spreads, cured meats, bread and crackers….and a dozen cupcakes from our favorite cupcake place.  Yes, 12.  Maybe I had 2 just for me…or it could have been 3.  Who’s counting?  Nothing washes all of this down quite as well as several bottles of Prosecco.  The HLM bubbly of choice.

In the interest of not making this a 5 page post, this is going to be in 3 parts.  I’m leaving you with my wild card that I chose.  In all fairness, I don’t think he’s wild card anymore.  I think he’s a top three choice now.  Ladies, I give you: Dwayne the Rock Johnson.   Yes please.


Stay tuned next week for 2 more of my laminate list….don’t forget the wine and extra panties.


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  1. The Mister may deserve a medal for sitting through that night…or at least a gold star.

    • Maybe you should host a similar night for him and his buddies. Beer and boobies…they would probably say yes.

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