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HLM Conversations – The Sequel

August 23, 2013

I gotta be honest, this could just become a regular post in general.  We will see how much ridiculousness I’m able to put together now that she’s on the move again and we won’t get to talk quite as much.

Some of these will be obvious who said what…but for everything else – I’m never telling 🙂


“I’m going to preface this by saying I don’t typically do this but apparently this morning i did. I blew my nose…and looked at the tissue…it looked like a field mouse!

“They sewed her cervix up too.  My downtown bonanza cries just thinking about that.”

“I found chocolate in my cleavage…does that mean i win?”

“Have you tried just beating his face with your boobs? i do that to Billy sometimes while he’s gaming…sort of like a motor boat on steroids”

“I should just cut out the middle man and eat a stick of butter.”

” Like the ones that have hairs sticking out that look like they belong on genitalia rather than the face…”

” Cleve may have said ‘I want wine’ I responded with “fuckin open that shit”

“Well I need to go dry my hair with the vacuum…seriously, European hair dryers so weird.”

“Wine is delicious, but too much makes for a mouth disaster.”

“TLC says hello. I’m dancing on my couch like an asshole.”

“OMG a steak baked in butter”

Also, this happened at one at random during a conversation…

“In my dreams I get fired for something silly like screwing a coworker in the supply closet.”  (This is not at all what you’re thinking by the way)

” This whole being an adult and having to put on pants three days in a row is a bit much for me.”


Happy Friday everyone!  Please feel free to share my blog….and tell me some of your random quotes of the week!




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