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Wino Wednesday – The Stuff and Things

August 28, 2013

First of all, you bitches were all about my tasty men yesterday.  I have never seen this little blog get so many hits!  Glad I could make you smile…or grab a change of panties, whichever.

Now then…I’m not going to lie: Billy gets home in an hour, and then I have every intention of bolting to happy hour at our favorite Greek place.  What’s that?  A glass of wine for $2.50?  Just save yourself some trips and bring me the bottle.  So this post is going to be short and sweet folks.


Today, of all days, happy hour is needed a little bit extra.  I’m feeling a bit emo, as a bunch of our friends are getting ready for a weekend of glow sticks, peeing the bed, and maybe listening to a little music.  This is what is known as Labor Day weekend at the Gorge with Dave Matthews.  I’ve gone 4 years now, and last year was THE BEST YEAR EVER!  I’m not sure what made it so different, maybe just the shear size of our group, but it was epic.  The weekend usually goes as follows:

  • Leave bright and early Thursday, meet up with the caravan around Vantage.
  • Everyone arrive together, so that we can stake out a huge chunk of campground.  This is the area where we will lord over the rest of the Gen Pop minions all weekend.
  • Throw up the tent as quickly as humanly possibly, while still being sure it won’t fall on you later (this is important after the next step)
  • Start drinking.  No really, immediately crack a beer, bust out the shots, and see who can get shit faced first.

After that it’s a little bit of a jumble…maybe go on a scavenger hunt in the General Population (we stay in Premier camping like the classy assholes we are).  Maybe try not to fall in the fire while annihilating a fluffy marshmallow or two.  Perhaps you’re too classy for these events?  In that case, you will find a comfy chair, grab your box of wine, and slyly take pictures of the group of degenerates you agree to go on this trip with every year.

We like to repeat this night, in varying degrees of awesome…for FOUR nights in a row.  This invariably happens every morning…


But you only get to take a nap if you didn’t pee your bed the night before.  Otherwise, you just man up and find a little hair of that damn dog.

Of course, the concert itself is pretty much the stuff and things.  There’s nothing quite like the sun going down behind the Gorge and the lights coming up for the band.  I will miss our group of assholes this year, but there’s always next year.  At least I get to skip that awful drive home on Sunday.

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the one and only Fucking Neal.  We are a man down this year, and even though I’m not going, I’ve been thinking of him more and more as it gets closer.  Cheers to you Neal!  We love you and miss you.

Fucking Neal


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