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Tasty Tuesday – The Laminate List Round 3

September 3, 2013

It’s raining men!  Well, ok, it’s sunny out….and it kind of makes me wish these next 2 men would serve me cocktails on the beach, shirtless.  When we last left off, I gave you Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans.  And you probably gave yourself private moments.  As promised, today I will show you the original power point slides, created by the oh so patient Mister.  Now keep in mind, this was almost a year ago (so things like Robin Thicke blowing up your summer radio and grinding on Miley weren’t a thing yet).  But really, I make no apologies.  A few guys were last minute fill ins to get to 32, and others, well….I do what I want.



So in case you haven’t figured it out, my remaining men are Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsorth.  After this list was made by the way, yes, I did realize that I apparently have a super hero fetish going on.  But come on ladies, who doesn’t want a man that can save the world from impending doom while looking all sweaty and delicious?  In case you needed more of an explanation, I’ve provided my evidence below.

Hugh 1 Hugh 2 Hugh 3 Hugh 4


And finally: my number ONE.  This was hard.  You saw the original list.  How to pick just one?  Well, a Norse God isn’t a bad way to go.  Add in yet another Aussie accent, and I was sold.  Chris Hemsworth folks.


Thor 1 Thor 2 Thor 4Thor 5


There you have it.  All of my men.  Thoughts?  Drool?  Did you try and lick the screen?  Don’t worry, I’ve thought about it too.


P.S.  I know some of the brackets are confusing…I’m not sure why.  But you get the idea, all 32 are accounted for in the beginning at least.


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  1. I love them both. And Laura called it! She was saying she was pretty sure Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth were your top 2. Chris Hemsworth is in my top 5. He is sexy as hell! I love him! Mmm. And little Hemsworth (Liam) is delicious too. I can definitely agree with all the sexy men in your top 5.

  2. Billy permalink

    I see how it is… 😛

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