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Weekend Fun…and Other Thoughts.

September 13, 2013

It’s about to feel like Christmas up in this bitch.  Know why?  WINE TASTING ON SATURDAY!!!  Scott and Jessie are coming all the way from WA this weekend for the best that Cali has to offer: which is wine and beaches.  I know you didn’t think I lived here for the abundance of plastic surgeons…

Jessie and I are about to bring the pain to enough cheese and wine to become honorary Frenchies.  Maybe we’ll even get drunk enough to use an accent at the wineries.  But that will probably be later.  I’m sure I’ll have to drive because Scott + Billy =



In completely unrelated news, and a super moment of TMI for everyone….why does a pimple wait for a weekend where you KNOW you’re going to be taking pictures?  Rude.

Other random events of the day….I made Billy chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  I know, don’t I sound like a sweet wife?  In reality, they’re like catnip for him.  If ever I wanted a $700 purse (never) or another vacation (much more likely), stuffing him with these until he looks like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is the way to do it.  No joke, he had 8 of them last night. EIGHT, just in the evening.  If I were smart I would get this on video and use it as blackmail by claiming I’m going to show his clients.

I leave you with this final thought as you get ready for your weekend:  What do we think of this as a present for Billy?  Think I can get him drunk enough to wear it?

Contra Sweater



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  1. Maybe we need to have an ugly sweater dinner when we visit you…

  2. Sharon permalink

    I think you could….. Then get him to walk around at South Coast Plaza!

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