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September 28, 2013

I don’t have a real post in mind…or at least not one specific topic.  So instead, I will be sharing the swirly nonsense that has been going through my brain lately.

1.)  I’m insanely excited for my childhood BFF, Erica, to get here on Thursday.  We have so much catching up and wine drinking to do (amongst other shenanigans).

Erica Wedding Stuff 001

There aren’t many ways we could be more different, but I love her to pieces.

2.)  What is it that compels chronic over-sharers?  I was in line behind a lady at the check out today, and she felt the need to go into a full dissertation on her medications for her heart, and the results of her last EKG.  Um…can I just get some bananas?  She started this conversation based off of a standard friendly smile.  No words had been said….maybe my smile invites wack jobs?

3.)  Adding to my list of needs that Billy is required to supply.  Manatee

If you don’t want a baby manatee, then you probably have no soul.

4.)  It’s incredible how many kids-pooping-on-parents stories I’ve heard this week.  It is not endearing me to pop out the little shit monsters.

5.)  If I don’t find some good Thai food down here soon, I’m going to have to just up and go to Thailand (which now that I think about it, is a better idea anyways).  Seriously, it’s been months without my favorites spicy comfort food.  I’m having withdrawals.  I’m two cravings away from just walking the streets, smacking my veins, “Do you know where I can score some pad thai man?”  If the pad thai is good, chances are so is the rest of it.  Pad see ew Pad see ew.  So much drool.

6.)  We finally went and saw Riddick last night.  Sad face.  I LOVED the first two.  This one took forever to really get started and draw you in.  Also, if you’re going to make Vin Diesel naked for a brief scene, you better at least give me a full shirtless view, and not just some half ass from-a-distance-I-think-that’s-a-naked-ass shot.  Rude.

Damn it, now I’m hungry.  Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a lovely start…and if you’re having Thai food, send me a picture of your food porn to help sustain me.


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  1. katy permalink

    My smile invites whack jobs too!! I always get stuck in really awkward situations with strangers… and I want a baby manatee 🙂

  2. katy permalink

    and some thai food!

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