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Wino Wednesday – Exercise Makes You Fat

October 2, 2013

So I know I’ve mentioned on here that I’ve started working out again recently.  It started as a way to clear my head, calm my stress and anxiety.  And it worked!  Sort of.  I’ve been working out about three days a week, with intensity.  Sometimes I have a session with a super hot personal trainer that shall remain nameless, sometimes I just go for a run; I’m doing it though and it feels good.  I figured hey, a couple of pounds lost wouldn’t be a bad side effect, right?  So why in the name of Ryan Reynolds’ left nut have I gained three pounds??  First person to tell me muscle weighs more than fat, I will show up at your house and shin kick you.


I know there are a lot of reasons that this could be going on.  Maybe I’m retaining weight from too much salt.  Maybe the exercise has made me hungry and I’m eating to many calories (who knows, I’m not about to count them).  Maybe my body is still in shock and adjusting.  Whatever, not the point.  The point is this was supposed to help clear my mind, and now it’s clogging it with a new obsession!  Turns out I’m better off sitting on my ass, partaking in the wine and cheese diet.

I was doing just fine in the weight department.  I wasn’t hung up on it like I was when I was younger.  But it’s the principle of the matter now.  I feel like I’m getting punished for being healthier.  And you can go ahead and spare me with the ‘but your heath is most important’ crap.  No one beats their ass at the gym so that they can gain weight…except for weird body builders, and that’s not a look I’m going for.

What I’m really trying to say is; why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?  Really ladies, is it too much to ask to have the body and bank account of a Victoria’s Secret model while gorging on fatty delights washed down with a bottle of wine?  I suggest that it isn’t.  With all that said I will probably change….nothing.   I will leave that to the rest of the women in the OC who are already concerned about eating a potato once a week.  Now that I’ve vented I feel better, good job for listening you guys.  Now where’s my wine?




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One Comment
  1. Sharon permalink

    I here ya Chey….. And I might add that I love Liam Neeson!

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