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Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gansgta

October 31, 2013

That’s gangsta not gangster.  Now that that’s covered…

I apologize (for the 4 of you that care).  I have been M.I.A for weeks now.  I had lost my writing mojo and wasn’t sure what to do about it, or if it even mattered.  Turns out it matters to me, and therefore doesn’t matter if you care or not.  You shall continue to receive my sloppy little blog as long as I see fit.

So what do I need to catch you up on from the last few weeks?

Well, Erica came out.  That didn’t suck.  We went to the zoo…which is frankly where we belong.

Zoo with Chica! 003 Zoo with Chica! 014 Zoo with Chica! 019 Zoo with Chica! 041

We got to hand feed that elephant by the way, because my best friend has the hook up and yours doesn’t.  Also, that’s a tapir ladies and gentlemen.  If you haven’t seen this, well, watch it.


I’ve also switched jobs recently…which is a story left for another night when I still have my buzz.  Speaking of which: Wino Wednesday is still happening, even if I haven’t been writing about it.  Tonight, for example, I watched The First Wive’s Club with my friend Amy…while consuming two bottles of wine and copious amounts of cheese.  That movie will never get old.  We’ve decided that 16 Candles will be our next date.  Jake Ryan is still hot.  All arguments against that are invalid.

In completely unrelated news: It’s Halloween in a few minutes.  Can we just get this holiday done and over with?  I’m going against the vast majority here, and I know it.  But the only thing I like about this is adorable little kids stumbling around in their costumes, often unsure of what their parents have even dressed them up as.  The rest of the liquored up whores can keep it.  I’m going to go ahead and not sugar coat it.  Enough crap is already sugar coated in snickers flavored rainbows on this holiday.  I’m not bitter.  If this is your one day a year to rock your body without shame: then go for it.  But I think you should be able to do it without sexing up a Sesame Street or fairy tale character.  Sexy pizza ladies, really?  If you can’t get your man’s attention without dressing up as his favorite food group…you have bigger problems.

So with all that said: I will do my best to get back in the swing of things for those of you that read regularly.  This girl is getting her groove back.  Or at least that’s the idea.  So fill me in: what are your latest shenanigans, embarrassments, bizarre stories?




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