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A Little About Me

2012 Random 126

Hi there!  I’m Cheyanna (in case you’re lost).  I have absolutely no business writing a blog, for the following reasons:

As I’ve repeatedly told my mother for years, I don’t like writing.

The level of technology deficiencies I have is mind blowing.

I’m not sailing the world, cooking up the next fad diet, or trying to provide you with helpful insights to raising three children.

So why am I doing this?  Um, mainly because I need to grow up, fling myself out of my comfort zone, and hopefully give my whopping 4 readers the giggles from time to time.  Also, I have spare time, and this seems like something productive I can tell my husband (it beats cleaning by a long shot).

We may as well start this off with my likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, etc etc.  You know the drill by now.  I can’t possibly be the first blog you’ve visited.

Likes:  Sharks.  All shapes, sizes, and degrees of potty inducing awesome that they come in.  Food.  For the record, cheese is the best kind of food.  Pretty sure most of us on here like food.  However, if you don’t, please leave my page.  We aren’t friends.  Travel. Please reference food information. I have every intention of seeing as much as I can of this fabulous world before I kick the bucket.  Notable with travel is my favorite silver fox, Anthony Bourdain.  I’ve obsessively watched all his shows.  And more randomly: 50′s movies, books, shoes, and the ocean.

Dislikes: Bats.  Really unsure why I keep starting these off with animals….but anyways, these are creepy little jerks and it’s like a cruel joke to me that they were given wings.  Apple juice.  Now hear me out.  It smells like stale babies.  That is all.  Redbull also goes in this category for smelling like a bucket of yuck in general.  The Dark.  I just don’t do dark, it’s my phobia.  This is mainly a problem if I’m by myself.  Also fitting into this category nicely is horror movies.  I’m still thoroughly confused as to why they’re made and who in their right mind enjoys them.  Weirdos.  And finally, Zombies.  I shouldn’t really have to explain this.  I guess some people are really into that whole eating of the brain thing right now.

I think I will save a little of the awesome mystery that is me until next time.  Meanwhile, any interesting dislikes out there?  (This is totally the place by the way, if you want to say you dislike cute babies, sunshine, or puppies.  No judging.  Unless you say you dislike wine, in which case I will be making a world of assumptions about your inability to enjoy life correctly.)

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